The Alcohol Awareness Class

4 hours

This is an alcohol awareness class for minors cited for Minor in Possession/ Consumption of Alcohol (MIP) or have had a school related alcohol violation. (4 hours credit)

Meets court requirements, has been accepted in every state. Money back guarantee. Certificate of Completion immediately available upon completion.

Course Objectives

  • To explain the history of alcohol and how concerns about its use have been pervasive.
  • To explain the levels of use and identify those who are at most risk.
  • To help the learner think through his/her values and choices regarding alcohol use.



Completion of this course (all lessons must be passed or completed) will earn credit towards the following certificate(s):

  • MIP Alcohol Education Class


Title Status
1. MIP Introduction Not Enrolled
2. MIP - History of Alcohol Not Enrolled
3. MIP - Big Deal Not Enrolled
4. MIP - Levels of Use Not Enrolled
5. MIP - Who is At Risk Not Enrolled
6. MIP - Our Values Not Enrolled
7. MIP - The Choices We Make Not Enrolled
8. MIP - Making up your own mind Not Enrolled
9. MIP - Summary and Final Exam Not Enrolled
Lessons in this class must be completed in order.


Support Services
Support Services
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